My Writing Process

When I begin to write I have to turn off everything else I am doing. I put away all the electronics under my bed to avoid any furtiure distractiions. I make sure to answer all texts so I don’t get any other ones, and I tell my friends I’m busy or studying. After the silence of the electronics, I prooceed to lo0ok at the book I have gotten and think how I am going to go through this. I try to break things up so I dpnt do everything all at once. I sometimes try to break it up and take a liitle breaks and organize when I’m going to be done. I try to finish before midnight uness I have a really big test tomorrow. Sometiems I try to procrasinate as much as possible if you couldnt tell. I can only complete work when I am in complete silence like now. I neeed to isolate myself from everything else or aelse it wouldnt work. After its been like a hour or two that i ve been isitting down I finally begin my work and get down  to it. I try to read a page or a chapter then take a break and get back in motion. When i make time limits I will work harder, like if i tell myself I need to finish all my work by imdnighg I wll do it. This is how my assignment process startss.


One thought on “My Writing Process

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